From Paper to Screen

I regularly check Vimeo for new type-related videos, but it’s rare to find something interesting. Thousands of variations of “movie scenes turned into kinetic typography” and  “yet another letterpress shop documentation”, but all those videos just imitate what others have done before. But here is one I enjoyed. The evolution from print typography to screen typography […]

Color Emoji in Windows 8.1—The Future of Color Fonts?

Color fonts are by no means a new idea. When Adobe invented PostScript their Type 3 font standard allowed to specify colors within a font and Fontlab’s bitmap-based Photofont technology is also around for years. But the makers of operating systems and apps never really cared about these technologies—until the major success of the Emoji character […]

Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland for iOS devices

The goal of e-codices—Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland is to provide access to all medieval and selected early modern manuscripts of Switzerland via a virtual library. At the moment, the virtual library contains 981 manuscripts from 42 different libraries. The virtual library will be continuously updated and extended. And now you can also browse this […]

Typography on Instagram

You are on Instagram and you like typography, calligraphy and lettering? Here are some accounts you might want to follow. (Click on the images to get to the Instagram accounts) Andy Clymer, Type designer from New York   Hand-painted signs made by Best Dressed Signs from Boston.   David Wolske David Wolske runs the wood type […]

Canapé—a cosy typeface

Canapé by Sebastian Nagel is the latest release at It is based on the idea of letters with a subtly curved and slightly modulated line. Through this, the typefaces has a warm and friendly, almost haptical appearance which brings some kind of cosiness to your communication with type. Canapé Serif with its 4 fonts […]