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Reading Letters — Interview with Sofie Beier about legibility and her new book

Sofie Beier from Denmark is an assistant professor employed at the School of Design under The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She holds a PhD from the Royal College of Art in London. Her research focuses on typeface legibility, aiming at a better understanding of how different typefaces and letter shapes can influence the reading process. Her new book “Reading […]

Empirical study about the legibility of typefaces used on signs in public space

At the University of Applied Sciences Berlin an empirical study was conducted by Sven Neumann to test the legibility of nine typefaces, including my own Wayfinding Sans typeface. The use of type in this study was based on the recommendations of the German legibility norm DIN 1450. This ensured that the study reflected a real-world […]

What makes letters legible?

In the last articles of this series we have established the relevant terms of legibility and learned what we know about the reading of words in the latin script. Now we move on to the legibility of letters itself. What makes the letter of one typeface more legible than the one from another typeface? Is […]