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Color Emoji in Windows 8.1—The Future of Color Fonts?

Color fonts are by no means a new idea. When Adobe invented PostScript their Type 3 font standard allowed to specify colors within a font and Fontlab’s bitmap-based Photofont technology is also around for years. But the makers of operating systems and apps never really cared about these technologies—until the major success of the Emoji character […] joins Fontdeck

Back in 2008 and 2009, when webfonts in standard font formats became technically possible, most font foundries were still in denial about this technology. If there would be no real protection for fonts on public servers, they just did not want to take part and offer their fonts. But a few people with background in […]

Graublau Sans Web updated

In April of 2008, shortly after Apple released Safari 3.1 with webfont support, we announced the free download of Graublau Sans Web—one of the first professional webfonts specifically released for @font-face use on websites. At this time, the download kit only included two OpenType fonts, which could be used in Safari. Our goal was to […]