The Pronunciation of European Typefaces

So you’re an expert in typography? But do you pronounce Frutiger’s typeface Univers like the English word “universe”? Then you got it wrong. Here are some popular European typefaces and their proper pronunciation in German, French and Italian. Eurostile: Univers: Neue Helvetica: Frutiger: Futura: Akzidenz Grotesk: Bauhaus: Bodoni: Fleischmann: Officina: Kabel: Neue Haas Grotesk: Palatino: […]

From Paper to Screen

I regularly check Vimeo for new type-related videos, but it’s rare to find something interesting. Thousands of variations of “movie scenes turned into kinetic typography” and  “yet another letterpress shop documentation”, but all those videos just imitate what others have done before. But here is one I enjoyed. The evolution from print typography to screen typography […]