Brightwork — The design of car emblems (video)

In this talk from Creative Morning Berlin, Stephen Coles, the creator of  talks about the design of car logos. From the connected mid-century script logos of Chevrolet & Cadillac to the boring plastic logos of today’s cars. Enjoy! (You might jump to 6:00 where the actual presentation starts.)

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  1. Stephen Coles 2012/05/29 at 1:52 PM #

    Ralf! I knew I should have had you as co-presenter. I totally neglected your excellent detached examples which beautifully illustrate the “baseline connection” style. Maybe we’ll get a chance to do a longer talk together someday.

  2. Fred Richards 2012/06/07 at 7:43 PM #

    I’m thrilled that I lost a good part of an hour to this video. Car logos, whether we realize it or not, are some of the most iconic images we encounter (and even fantasize about) every day. Thank you!


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