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While webfont services are getting a lot of attention these days, there is still the “old way” of licensing fonts with a one-time license fee. But usually such licenses don’t cover the use of fonts on websites via @font-face. Now Fontspring has opened its store—a font reseller which offers fonts for regular desktop use, but all fonts in the catalogue can also be used with the @font-face rule. If you purchase a license for a font on you will get an OpenType font to be installed on your computer and web package, that contains TrueType and EOT fonts, which you can upload to your webserver. The license fee may cover single or an unlimited number of domains. This is up to the designer of the fonts. I like the simplicity of this concept and I am looking forward to see which font foundries will join this shop. Looking at the Fontspring catalogue today, I see a few interesting typefaces, but already way too many fonts, which are not really suitable for commercial websites.



  1. Ethan Dunham 2010/02/05 at 8:51 PM #

    Thanks for the writeup Ralf. We realize that much of the library is unsuitable as webfonts but as more and more foundries come on board our collection of decent, usable faces will only increase. We’re thrilled with the foundries and their willingness to jump into such uncharted territory.

  2. Tomi Haaparanta 2010/02/05 at 9:37 PM #


    I just signed with FontSpring to distribute my twenty-odd fonts/families.


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