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The image on the cover of the latest edition of the bilingual (English/Czech) Typo magazine says “I wish this was … The best issue ever!” Well, to me it certainly is, since it features two of my favourite topics: typography and wayfinding.

It starts off with a well-researched and nicely illustrated article by Albert-Jan Pool about the history of (rounded) constructed sans-serif typefaces. The next articles deals with the poor legibility of Mexico’s road signs, followed by an interview of me where I explain some more details of my Wayfinding typeface and sign legibility in general. An article by Agata Szydłowska is about the specific wayfinding problems within shopping malls and Pavel Noga introduces a wayfinding concept for the city of Ostrava, which relies mainly on landmarks of this city.

You can find out more about this issue and order it here:

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